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 Scott's Guitar World




Acoustic, classical and electric guitar styles.


Individual level

The teaching will be adjusted to your individual level and desires.







- Note reading

- Tabs

- Learn by ear




My teaching Philosophy.


I have learned from 25 years of teaching students ranging in age from 5 to 70 years, that students want lessons to be an enjoyable learning experience. Each individual has their own idea about what they hope to get out of taking guitar lessons, and I make an effort to keep lessons interesting by teaching each person on an individual basis. The lesson atmosphere is informal and relaxed, and I take the time to listen because I want my students to look forward to attending their lessons. The teacher / student relationship is important and that is why I like to talk with prospective students in order to find out if we are a good student / teacher matchup. Learn something new, have fun and get motivated.
















Hire a guitarist.


Solo guitar music performed on classical, acoustic and electric guitars.


Easy listening music, to create a relaxing atmosphere for your special occasion.


Classical and popular styles.


- Private parties

- Receptions

- Special events

- Weddings

- Restaurants


Call for details concerning price.



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